Common Questions


hours + Location

We're located at 638 Myrtle Avenue, near the corner of Kent. 

During the warmer months we're open on weekends from 10:00am-4:00pm, or whenever the gate is ajar during daylight hours. 

Key members have access to the garden at any time during daylight hours. 

What is a Key member? 

Anyone can access the garden when the garden gate is open; key-holding members have access to the space any time during daylight hours. You can become a Key Member of the garden for a nominal $10 fee per season. This key fee will be waived, no questions asked, if a member does not wish to pay. Key Members may also apply for a private plot, called a family bed. Because family beds are in high demand, completion of volunteer hours may be a requirement.   

If you're interested in becoming a Key Member, please fill out this form, email us here, or check our calendar for the next upcoming meeting/workday and visit us in-person. 

How much does a key cost?

You can become a Key Member of the garden for a nominal $10 fee. This key fee will be waived, no questions asked, if a member does not wish to pay. 

How do I get a private family bed?

MVG has around 70 private family beds that are available for gardening. You must be a Key Member (see above) in order to qualify for a family bed.

Due to high demand we ask members that are granted a private bed volunteer to host ten (10) open hours per season. Hours are posted at the beginning of each season and members can sign up online or in the garden. Members may sign up for volunteer hours online.

Food grown in family beds is not communal.

If you're interested in a family bed, please fill out this form, email us, or check our calendar  for the next upcoming meeting/workday and visit us in-person. 

Do you have communal Veggie gardening?

Yes, we do have a cooperatively run agricultural bed. You need to be a Key Member and a member of the Cooperative Ag Bed Team in order to share in the harvest. Ag Bed Team members are usually proven gardeners but the bed is open to gardeners of any skill level; we all learn together and encourage anyone to join, space permitting. 

Regular volunteer hours with the Ag Bed Team are a requirement for participation. 

What about other kinds of communal gardening?

MVG also has flower beds, an herb garden, berry patches, native plants, and more.

If you'd like to help tend to any of these communal spaces, please fill out this form, email us, or check our calendar for the next upcoming meeting/workday and visit us in-person. 

Can I just show up and volunteer?

YES! Anyone can check our public calendar and show up for a work day, we have plenty of chores that need tending to. You can find a list of communal chores posted on the shed near the center of the garden.

As a volunteer-led and run organization, we really count on the long-term commitment of our gardeners to keep us moving forward, so we hope you'll consider joining us as a member! Volunteer opportunities for Key Members range from the administrative to the down-and-dirty. 

Check our calendar and swing by our next meeting/workday to learn more. 

how is the garden organized, how do you make decisions? 

We use a consensus-based decision making model, outlined in our Garden Handbook

Who owns the garden?

Myrtle Village Green is operated by volunteers as a service to the public, and the land is owned by the City of New York.

Can I drop my compost off at mvg?

Sure thing! Every Friday, from 3:30-4:30pm, we host a weekly compost work session. Anyone is welcome to drop off household compost then or during the garden's regular open hours. If it’s your first time composting with us, check out our compost tip sheet to see what we do and don’t take: EnglishEspañol,বাংলা. For other questions or information about composting at Myrtle Village Green, please contact our compost coordinator.

I'd like to donate materials!

Great! Please email us and we'll work with you to coordinate. We're always grateful for the following: lumber, hay bales, pruners, shears, heavy-duty tomato cages, broadfork, stakes, bed-lining material, plant starts, bulbs, hand-me-down riding toys and outdoor play gear, garden gloves, chalk, hand tools, twine, large storage containers for shed organization.

Is it possible to use the space for special projects?

MVG has partnered with filmmakers, musicians and photographers in the past and is happy to share the space for creative endeavors and entertainment. We do have some fairly specific rules so please email us to ensure we're a good fit for your needs and visa-versa. 

Do you have any rules I should know about?

Glad you asked! Please keep the following rules in mind as you enjoy this community space. Violation of these rules can result in removal of membership privileges.

  • No firearms, weapons, or violent language.
  • Do not smoke, drink alcohol, gamble, or use any drugs in MVG at any time.
  • Children are a vital and welcome part of MVG. Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult while in the garden.
  • Pets must be on a leash at all times. Remove all pet waste from the garden and do not permit your pet to damage anything in the garden.
  • Remove any trash you generate from the garden. Please consider removing additional trash you see present as well.
  • No harvesting from any plant without permission. Many beds are privately cultivated. Community beds are managed by the community bed cluster who can dictate when plants may be harvested.
  • The garden cannot store any hazardous materials. This includes but is not limited to certain pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, paints and varnishes, and anything with a significant warning on the label. Please plan for the removal of your supplies when you are not physically present in the garden.
  • Signage may not be posted around the garden.
  • The garden supplies a large number of tools for community use. You may use these provided you replace them when you are finished. No garden tools should be removed from the garden for any reason.
  • If you are the last gardener to leave, lock the gate properly. If there are other people present when you leave the garden, check to ensure another gardener will lock up.
  • The front gate must be secured inwards so as not to block the sidewalk.
  • No fires or barbecues in the garden.
  • The use of the premise as a residence of any domestic animal is not permitted.
  • No vehicles are permitted in the garden with the exception of deliveries.
  • No uncovered water containers are permitted.
  • If you witness any illegal activity or feel endangered you should contact city authorities.
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