Want to get Involved?

Here's how to join.

Become a Key member. 

Anyone can visit the garden when the garden gate is open; key-holding members have access to the space at any time during daylight hours. 

You can become a Key Member of the garden for a nominal $10 fee per season. This key fee will be waived, no questions asked, if a member does not wish to pay. 

If you're interested in becoming a Key Member, please fill out this form, email us or check our calendar for the next upcoming meeting/workday and visit us in-person. 

Private Beds.

MVG has around 70 private family beds that are available for gardening. You must be a Key Member (see above) in order to qualify for a family bed.

Due to high demand we ask members that are granted a private bed volunteer to host ten (10) open hours per season. Hours are posted at the beginning of each season and members can sign up online or in the garden. Members can sign-up for volunteer hours online.

Food grown in family beds is not communal.

If you're interested in a private bed, please fill out this form, email us,  or check our calendar for the next upcoming meeting/workday and visit us in-person. 

communal Veggie gardening.

We have a cooperatively run agricultural bed. You need to be a Key Member and a member of the Ag Bed Team in order to share in the harvest. Ag Bed Team members are usually proven gardeners but the bed is open to gardeners of any skill-level; we all learn together and encourage anyone to join, space permitting. 

Regular volunteer hours with the Ag Bed Team are a requirement for participation. 

other kinds of communal gardening.

MVG also has flower beds, an herb garden, berry patches, native plants, and more.

If you'd like to help tend to any of these communal spaces, please fill out this form, email us, or check our calendar for the next upcoming meeting/workday and visit us in-person. 

volunteer opportunities.

Anyone can check our public calendar and show up for a work day, (we have plenty of chores that need tending to), but we hope you'll consider joining us more than once!

As a volunteer-led and run organization, we really count on the long-term commitment of our gardeners to keep us moving forward. Volunteer opportunities for Key Members range from the administrative to the down-and-dirty. 

Check our calendar and swing by our next meeting/workday to learn more. 

Material Donations. 

Great! Please email us and we'll work with you to coordinate. We're always grateful for the following: lumber, hay bales, pruners, shears, heavy-duty tomato cages, broadfork, stakes, bed-lining material, plant starts, bulbs, hand-me-down riding toys and outdoor play gear, garden gloves, chalk, hand tools, twine,, large storage containers for shed organization.

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