Learn, Mentor + COllaborate

Learning from each other.


MVG is a place for learning. Students from The Benjamin Franklin Magnet School use MVG as an outdoor science lab, learning about compost and soil science and hundreds of local preschoolers have visited MVG for guided field trips. MVG is part of the BIC Pilot Community Composter Program. Pratt students and faculty have used the space for art and photography projects, and to connect with the community beyond their campus.  

Our Compost Program has processed 36,000 pounds of compostables that would have otherwise gone into landfills. We’ve trained 65 non-members through a partnership with the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and in our own public-facing workshops. We’ve also trained dozens of MVG member-volunteers in composting best-practices.

Our Cooperative Agricultural Bed has a rare community farming/mentorship model. 15 gardeners work the bed, each tends a crop and everyone shares the harvest. Succession plantings and season extenders maximize our yields. Varied skill levels means organic opportunities arise for mentorship and learning. Diverse crops and gardener backgrounds makes the bed a true melting-pot of gardening methods and approaches.

To learn more about joining any of these initiatives, please visit us during our regular open hours.